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How Much Will We Miss Holt?

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When he went, I was very annoyed. Not just because I thought our winning streak at home and the chance of going top was out of the window, but because Holt is out for 3 games. However I thought we played quality with 10 men for 50 or so mins, and think we can still win all 3 games without him, against Walsall (a), Hartlepool and Millwall (a). At least, Im sure we will win 2 of them, and maybe draw with either of the teams away. I would take 7 out of 9 points.

Who would you replace him with though? Johnson for me, as he has looked very good each time he''s came on. Can he play 90 mins? I dunno, but if not, bring on Cody after 70 or so.

Top of the League [:D]

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