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Colchester game- OTBC

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Look, first of all I apologise for the repetition about this much-anticipated match but I would just like to say...


Despite the fact that I don''t consider CUFC as rivals to us in any way, other than purely in terms of league position this season, their amateurish chairman deserves his come-uppance for his frankly incredulous self-sacrificing antics which can surely only be damaging to ''his'' club in the long-run.

Even Camuldonum acknowledges that Norwich are a bigger club, despite our recent under-achievements because we still harbour prospects of top level football whereas the Championship is surely CUFC''s optimum achievement.

Mr Cowling, irrespective of the result at Emmerdale Farm (or whatever your stadium''s called these days), you will never achieve what we have previously achieved... and will again.

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