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Zak Whitbread's Tackling...

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I organise training and development programmes for a living; just before Xmas I was in the Midlands and ‘sitting in’ on one of our courses.

I sat next to a 25 year old delegate called Joe who told me the reason he was working for a service company these days was because his Pro Football career (at Blackburn) was ended by a violent tackle during an Academy game against Liverpool. He told me “during that rather spicy game me and a Liverpool player had a few words & I do admit I provoked him a bit; a few minutes later he came for me with a high two-footed tackle that shattered my lower leg in two places & dislocated my ankle - which had to be pinned” (he showed me the scar). “It was a wicked tackle – the player got banned by the FA for 6 months”.

I naturally asked; who was he?

“You’ve probably never heard of him – he’s called Zak Whitbread and I think he plays for Millwall”…

Now he’s joined Norwich I hope he’s learned his lesson – or should we expect a few red cards and a few more careers to be ended?

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