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Alan Johnson

Helveg and Jonson

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What I say is get rid of both of them as they are both a complete waste of time.

Helveg can pass or tackle to save his life.....and as for Jonson....he get''s the ball and then just stops....he obviously has no confidence in taking the full backs on.....Bentley had Bridge wrapped round his finger yesterday but when he gave to Jonson to have a go the ball ended up going back to either a defender/midfielder and we went no where.

McVeigh should be in the side instead of either of them....when Holt,Francis and Mulryne are back Helveg will not start again!

We need a Defender , Midfielder and a good Striker in Jan to give us a back bone to the squad....

I was at the Chelsea game sitting just behind the Norwich dugout and there were a lot of fans giving Worthy a lot of stick over Helveg and I had to agree with them.....he will be our down fall.

Give some of the youngsters a run they can do any worse.....look at the Rooneys , Mellors etc and what they did for thier sides.

I think we will finish were we are now 4th from bottom...with WBA , Palace and Southampton going down.

We must win ALL of our remaining home games and pick up the odd point away from home and I am confident that we can do it.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all you City Fans out there!


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