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Frankly speaking


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This is a serious (ish) post, mainly for Sportsdesk Pete but also for general consideration and, I suppose, especially for other bloggers.

I have blogged on a weekly basis for the last month or two, usually after games. Partly it''s just quite good fun to air one''s views and partly, I suppose, because we''re all wannabe journos and like seeing our efforts ''in print'' (even though it''s only on screen). The thing is it is difficult to know how these things go down with others. Aside from the odd dismissive comments like ''Nobody reads blogs'' and ''what''s the point?'' I''ve only had a couple of comments. I don''t think the dismissive ones are really fair as, in a way, all posters on here or any other messageboard are sort of mini-bloggers, aren''t they?

What I want to know, Pete, is what you think of the blogs you are getting, is it just a cheap (free) way to fill the page and is there any way of knowing how many people read them?

Also Happy Christmas to all posters and I''m really looking forward to the Christmas games against Millwall and Walsall.

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