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Norwich City Quizzes

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Heya everybody. I have put together some Norwich City quizzes if anyone

is interested in seeing how much they know about our famous Canaries.

They are online on a quiz website called sporcle which i have recently

become addicted to. So i thought i would see how much people know about

the team now, the managers of the past and the players of the year.

Here are the links to the games.Current NCFC Squad... www.sporcle.com/games/mhins1... Name every manager since 1905.. www.sporcle.com/games/mhins1... Name every winner of the Barry Butler Trophy... www.sporcle.com/games/mhins1... all

you have to do is press go and type in a player/manager and see how

many you get!  hope everyone enjoys them, i will try and add more if

people enjoy these.

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Did the ''Current Squad'' one with 6.53 remaining.

Would have been better but took a while to remember Francomb and Habergham

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Interesting.When you compile squad numbers, generally they are an indication of your first choice players.

1Michael Theoklitos
2Jon Otsemobor
3Adam Drury
4Matthew Gill
5Michael Nelson
6Russel Martin
7Owain Tudor Jones
8Stephen Hughes
9Grant Holt
10Jamie Cureton
11Simon Whaley
Ignoring 6, clearly.  But dear god, did Gunn think this was his first choice set of players?

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Cool quiz there - however I spent ages wondering why Russell Martin and Owain Tudur Jones weren''t being accepted until I realised you spelt them wrong.Sam Habergham kept me stumped for ages and so did, weirdly, Simon Lappin. No idea why that was. Still completed it with 3:50 remaining.

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