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Rasputin was a C...

What is the point of canarycorner.com?

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I don''t often visit that board, but have recently kept popping back to have a look if any "good" discussions, like are accustomed to on this magnificent message place. Sadly, it seems to be a place where the same 3 or 4 Ips**** "fans" live their every waking minute. A popular theme this week as has been for quite a while now, is how Ipswich are the Pride of Anglia, Won European cup etc, etc. A clever chap has even said something similar to Ipswich being like cream, always rises to the top. Doesn''t cream usually go off if not kept refrigerated and takes on a bitter taste after a short while. Ahh, poor them.


Actually... NO! I can''t stand the sad little... finish with your own words.

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