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D'Urso. Not popular!

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Gillingham hate him too! Had to post the below link to their rant site. Brilliant examples of Kentinsh vitriol.Misguided, selfish crusty scales roof and starts lobbing tiles at the A12. Cops shut it down and East London freezes. Crashes on A13 compound chaos. Like me - many of you would have felt the effects and arrived late at Roots Hall.  But that was nothing compared to Gillingham''s evening! 9 players at the stadium and no kit or fans. FA rules say that game must go ahead if a side can field 7. However D''Urso chooses to ignore a usable caveat which allows the ref to make a postponement  / ko delay decision based on mitigating circumstances. Gillingham kick off with 11 (squeaky bum time) in Orient away kits. Most fans turn back after a lifetime in traffic and Orient get their worst gate of the season 3.5K.Have a look at the response... made me chuckle!http://www.fansonline.net/gillingham/mb/view.php?id=87804 Question: Why didn''t the team and the kit all travel on one bus? Obviously all those primadona Docklands dwellers didn''t see the point in travelling to Kent only to pass home on the bus. Bit of Schadenfreude though eh?

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