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Norfolk footballer XI

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Here''s a festive quiz for you . . . can you field a football team made up of British professional footballers, past and present, whose surnames are also place names in Norfolk? Ie, Gary HOLT? Think it can be done, although the hamlet of Huckerby doesn''t appear to fall inside the county border . . . OTBC

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Not that is a good quiz question!

Garry BROOKE. (Mid)


Henry HOLT (Outside Right)

Harold HOUGHTON (Inside Left)

William INGHAM (Inside Right)

John MIDDLETON (Inside Right)

Andrew THOMPSON (Inside Forward)

Albert THORPE (RB)

Geaorge WOODFORD (LB)  Is there a Woodford in Norfolk?

I wish I could use Paul CLaYton, Dean COlNEY, Walter CROMEr, Richard FIELD Dalling, Ruel FOXley, Robert (Clint, Daffy, Northall, Gressenhall etc) GREEN, Bryan GUNnthorpe, Jimmy HILLington, Norman LOW Tharston, Ernest NORTH Tuddenham, John ROYdon, William WOOD Rising

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