The diamond has been polished and will remain a gleaming gem in Lambert''s career - alas, the most precious of those stones are transparent and as with the diamond formation, it''s becoming transparent to the opposition.Albeit slightly earlier than I predicted/expected, cracks have formed in the diamond - we''ve witnessed major clefts in the seasons second outing against the Cumbrians, where the latter had our formation sussed, and I''m certain the fissuring would prevail in return outings against sides for the rest of the season. Alas, Lambo has partly addressed the situation with the signing of a pacey wide man, but I am still concerned about the lack of pace down the right - call me old fashioned, but I want the option of a 4-4-2 with two nippy out & out flankers who can whip balls into the horse, ''cause there''s no way Holt can keep tracking back in the New Year as he has been doing thus far.Teams in the second half of the season will also stamp out Hoolahan''s effectiveness by sticking a couple of players on him, which is why it''s imperative creativity comes from elsewhere on the pitch, and it is my belief that both wings should be utilised with equal & even pace; not necessarily within the same games where the lone, swift winger may suffice, but we need those options and hopefully Hoolahan on the bench for reversion purposes to maintain the promotion charge.Provided we sell no one in January and sign McNamee & Martin there will surely be no funds for the acquisition of a decent right winger - so do we hope that Whaley comes back and comes back in his present good form? Or do we hope that there''s another player currently in the squad that can cut the mustard in that vital right berth?I sincerely hope that Lambo isn''t relying on one of the youngsters such as Daley.