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Old Shuck

1985 Milk Cup DVD

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Anyone else got theirs and had a chance to watch it?

Apart from the fact the over-dubbed graphics and particularly the commentary were just plain awful...quite entertaining.

We played really well in that final against Sunderland, had possession, easily 60% plus of the time, defence was immaculate, especially Bruce and Watson, Deehan was a monster, winning balls in the air, holding the ball up well, Barham-class, Louie-a Norwich winger who could put in a decent cross.

Two little things-my memories of that day are that it pissed down from start to finish, yet, quite clearly, the pitch was bathed in sunshine for some of the time.

Secondly, as the players are getting their medals, Louie gets his, holds his hand out to shake that of one of the dignitaries in the Royal Box...and doesn''t have the offer reciprocated, the look on his face is brilliant!

Good fun-we had a great team then and cannot understand how it ended up getting relegated!

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