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canary cherub

Re: FA Cup 2 - 5.15 kickoff

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[quote user="kick it off"][quote user="canary cherub "]

So that the FA can stream it live apparently.

Oh FFS!! [:@]



WHY COMPLAIN? They are streaming it for nothing on thefa.com, so we get to watch a game we otherwise wouldnt have been able to watch (unless you''re going, in which case you get a lie in!)

I''m not going but it''s unfair on the travelling fans who won''t get back until 3am.  You can put up with an early start in anticipation of what''s to come, but after the game is over all you want to do is get home, win or lose.

Without the atmosphere that the fans create, the media wouldn''t be interested in football, but they get treated like dirt.

Personally I''d rather listen to it as it happens on Radio Norfolk than watch some jerky ''live'' stream with a time delay.


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