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susie b

A Pompey fan's view

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Just thought some of you might like to hear a few comments from a Pompey fan about our predicament compared to their''s last season.  Seems to make a lot of sense to me.  What do the rest of you think though?

I honestly do hope you stay up, not just because it sends scum down. I think because of how little you''ve spent it would prove that the gap is not as huge as everyone believes it is and it is a lot more down to how players and teams adapt than the quality considering waht you already have. The advantage of bringing in proven players in more that they dont have to adapt so are more likley to have a quicker impact. We''ve seen that now we''re in our second year in the prem, nigel quashie who struggled last year to adapt to the pace at times has been our best player by a good way this season, whilst players like berger who had been there and done it were essential to our surviving because they already knew what they doing!
A lot of it depends when your players adapt and begin to feel comfortable in a new league. As you said, the other clubs may have spent money, especially west brom in picking up earnshaw, but IMO that was not a sound move. Someone like blackburn who may not be performing welll but are an estalished prem side can afford to bring in someone like stead because he has players arond him that know what they''re doing.
It is the people like simon charlton that have a big part to play to helping the others adapt. (and i know that doesnt account for the Doc, but there are alwys excpetions!!)
To stay up you need to be looking at the sort of players Judas will be for scum, the henchoz or robbie elliots, not players that cost money, not even necessarily that much in wages but that can fit in arund those that havent been there to help them and guide them. Someone like we had teddy sheringham last seasons whos contribution to the team may have been inconsistent, but his guidance was invaluable.

And the other thing im hoping will work in your favour will be the low points tally that seems to be developing. With the strength of the top 3, and clubs like everton and ''boro doing well, it means that the gap is widening and less clubs in the lower-mid table bracket can pick up the points. This season will see one of the biggest gaps between top and bottom points wise, im sure. And that means all you need to do is put a run together ilke we did which is something anyone is capable, but from what ive seen of norwich, something that the level of performance you have been able to put in witout things going your way will come right at some point. Our cataylst was one win (against scum!) and then set us going, and that really can set things rolling.

Added to taht your run in has winnable games, and looks quite similar to ours last year.

Its the games like brum and charlton at home, clubs that will hopefully be 3 points against teams taht tend to tale off at the end of the season, and obviously the crunch games at scum and palace.

and picking up points in Feb looking at your fixtures, that will go a long way.

Im sure you know all this anyway and it just sounds patrionising!
But good luck after tomorrow, and help send those down the road down!!

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That may be true but fact is Harry still got the money to bring those players in. Portsmouth got a few experienced players in the summer before their first prem season, then come January then went again and got some more players in. Same goes for Brum the year season before.

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