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tSwindon game - a big mental test for the team

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Today will be a real indicator of the new found mental resilience of this club - a potneially demoralising defeat away to the league leaders,  demoralising in being the better team on the day, losing to two soft goals not converting possession into chances or goals and losing in injury time can take its toll.

On top of this the feel good summer weather has gone,  its wet and grim outside;  will we be able to reproduce the good football(control with a wet ball and skiddy pitch - will  there be too many errors for it to work) , committment and performances that we have seen over the last 6 weeks when facing the elements as well as decent opponents?   Over the last couple of seasons the omens would have been bad and a poor showing and a narrow defeat would be on.

I am optomistic we can - but 5pm we will know a lot more about how much character and confidence Lambert and co have been able to instill since he came here.

On the ball city

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