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2004 - one of the 5 greatest years in City's history

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1959 - THAT cup run
1972 - into the top division for the first time
1985 - the Milk Cup
1993 - finishing third, and Europe
2004 - promotion against ALL expectations, and that amazing parade

If I had to put them in order of importance, it would be 1985, 1959, 2004, 1993, and the greatest of all, 1972.

1985 was, when all''s said and done, just a League Cup win by a first division side. And much of the gloss was removed by the European ban and getting relegated.

1959 was an amazing cup run, and though it might have changed the club''s and fans'' expectations, it was many years more before our dreams were realised.

2004 was better than all the other promotions (bar one..) in that it was so unexpected, after so many years in the wilderness, and financially so crucial after being forced to build the new Jarrold stand. And we may not see such a spectacular victory parade again in our lifetimes.

1993 - Norwich City have never performed at a higher level than this. Top of the league until 1st April, beating Bayern Munich - when will we reach those heights again?

Of course you may think differently, but

 anyway. If we can stay up in 2005, that might just be the greatest achievement of all....

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