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Its time for the Board & Staff to stand up & be counted!

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I tend to agree with some of the different posts on the board about the team & certain players under acheiving so far this season.  Yes maybe we could do with another striker and yes maybe another defender aswell,but i personally think if there is around £1.2m to spend on players then it should be spent if only to bulster are dwindling squad & stop us turning up at matches with bare bones.

The squad is a vast improvement on last years BUT they are not playing anywhere near as good as last seasons team.Of course i know they are up against better individuals & teams week in week out but surley those who were kept & those who were brought in are meant to be up to the job? I think they are,but the problem lies with the trainers & managment.Worthy & co are in no way experienced enough keep us up buy themselves,they need someone with some Pemiership experience in there to help them coach,motivate & groom the players into a unit(one for all,all for one) so to speak.

Who would or could help them?  Il let you ponder on that one for yourselves.  Big Rons still out of work,so is Bobby Robson & Micky Adams(Yes i know Adams has been relegated twice from the Prem).

But on a personal note i really do think it is time for the Board,Staff & Worthy to stand up & be counted.   No points so far over the Holiday period,i cant see any points being picked up today either & the gap is widening down at the bottom of the table now. Blackburn will spend a fortune this month to keep them up,Fulham have enough experience & depth in there squad to be safe,Newcastle are just having a blip & will be well safe,so i think it will just leave us 3 promoted teams & Southampton,& under the guideance of Harry i think you will see The Saints gradually improveing & move to safety & us 3 heading back to the fizzy league!

So i say,if we lose today show Worthy the door along with the coaching staff,save the supposed £1.2m & get a manager in who is up to the job.A new manager could be worth 12 points straight away,you have all seen it before when a team is strugling,a new Boss comes in & all of a sudden the team are playing like champions.

Will that happen under Worthy with a couple of new faces added to the squad? I dont think so. Its taken long enough for some of our new signings to adjust & we cant afford any new players to take another 10 games to adjust either!

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