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Is it time to consider our friends down South?

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It seems hardly anytime at all when this message board was awash with binners keen to point out that they were considerably richer than we were, they had found a billionaire, they had a £12m war chest for players.

Except of course noone knew anything about Marcus Evans, the £12 million seemed to include a loan at market rates, a minuscule £3.6m to buy out the shareholders and yes while there was cash for players this amounted to just enough for a fairly undistinguished season.

So one season and they were back. This time the war chest was £20m, a high profile manager was recruited and a top notch sports administrator to bait us about how big the Ipswich catchment area was with no competition. Except the war chest was spent on Sunderland reserves, the sports administrator turned out to be a bureaucrat with no knowledge of football and the high profile manager produced the worst start in professional football this season.

Now the binners are back and success for them is avoiding relegation. Some posters on this board could learn from this but that''s not the point here.

It would take a heart of stone not to laugh[:)][:D][:P]

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