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Formation today?

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The defence, given Nelson''s injury, more or less picks itself, with Stevens on the bench to cover CB and allow Spillane to RB.and Lappin to drop back to LB, in the event of injuries. This all makes sense.The midfield seems to be Russell, Daley, Lappin, Smith, Hoolahan, with presumably Daley out wide right and Lappin left. There is, due to injury, litle cover on the bench - only Adeyemi.There is much forward cover on the  bench - no few than McV, McD, Martin, Curo.It looks like 4-5-1, which is slightly strange at home, but with possibility of substitution and change in the light of progress, but with Russell not fit, it will be left to Hooly Smith and Lappin to get forward. Or is is 4-4-2, with Hooly one of the two?

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