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Jonzey is back!!

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Hello again. I haven''t been on here for a month and it''s all changed!!-For the better.

How''s everyone doing?

I''m gonna have to get one of those pictures, and as for the smiley faces. They''re great Well done web crew.

Now for my first Premiership points: Isn''t it great up here in the big league! I don''t care that Arsenal whooped us as expected. They were fantastic to watch, and as for Alan Smiths goal at Old Trafford the other week. Well, I stood up in the pub to applaud it. They were the games where anything we got from them was a bonus. Now bring on the smaller teams and we''ll show everyone what we''re made of!

Just to let you know, I''m going to have to change my screen name as my old e-mail address still recieves the confirmation e-mails. My old employer won''t appreciate that so unless the web team know a way to send these confirmation e-mails to a new address. Or better still just don''t send them I''d like to know. Cheers.

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