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I can only presume its Malkys Idea

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Well it is a shame and although I would be the first to remember that if there was a week link in last years team it would have been Malky but I cannot imagine that given the circumstances Worthy would want to offload him without additional cover if he was committed to the cause (maybe he''s been reading my posts !)

Obviously he understands its a squad game and I hoped he would want to play in the premiership and fight for his place, but maybe not.

So now we are down to three specialist centre halves one of which has only played a couple of games at 1st division level and another is playing up front !

Thank goodness Charlton is so versatile.

Well I hope it doesn''t happen I personally think that Malky being part of our squad this season suits all concerned. Fight for your place Malky it might be your only shot at the premiership what harm will one season do ?



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