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Malky's Big Issue

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It''s good to hear the Malkster isn''t leaving (YET!!!). But what i''d like to know is what the big issue is with Norwich. I''d assume it''s the fact that as he hasn''t asked for a transfer then he''s entitled to receive his contract payments for the final 9 months of it. But i''m worried that it is something other then this. How come he has been unavailable for us this season but as soon as Scotland games come round he is declared fit to play 2 full games (albeit one hour in the first due to darkness!!). This leads me to believe that something deeper is going on and i''m a bit wary that this may affect other members of the old skool (ie Flem, Holt, Drury etc). They may look on and say "If it can happen to Malky it can happen to me!". I think someone from either party needs to come out with an explanation before things turn nasty.

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