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Norma Stick

A new career path?

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It seems that McSmall is going to extreme lengths to show the new boss that he is up for the fight in League 1.


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LOLCage fighting comes to Norwich

Cage Fighting comes to Norwich

Fighting comes to Norwich


29 August 2009 11:26

One of the world''s fastest growing fighting sports is coming to Norfolk for the first time.Cage

fighting, or mixed martial arts (MMA), has become popular on several

television channels including HBO and Eurosport, and is a hybrid of

boxing, kickboxing, judo and wrestling.The sport was propelled further into the limelight when glamour model Jordan recently started dating cage fighter Alex Reid.Mercy

nightclub in Norwich will be hosting the cage fighting event, called

Bushido Challenge 1: War of the Warriors, in December, when some of

Europe''s top cage fighting talent will compete in 24ft-wide octagon

ring, or cage.Fighters will be travelling from as far afield as

Miami, Poland, Sweden and Serbia to compete in what is being billed as

the biggest show in the UK this year.They include Paul McVeigh,

Chris Manuel, Alexander Gustafsson, Jan Blachowicz, Dean Amasinger,

Yasubey Enomoto, Papy Abedi, Dragan Tesanovic, Ashleigh Grimshaw, David

Lee, Nicolas Mousake and Danny Cubitt.Promoter Travis Flannagan

said: “It''s fast, action packed and full of entertainment. This is an

absolutely massive event for Norwich - these guys are at the top of

their profession and are coming from all over the world.”He said that the sport''s brutal reputation is a misconception and that it has become highly regulated over the last ten years.Rules

include no hitting in the groin, head butting, biting or eye-gouging,

and a referee and paramedics are always on-hand in case of injury.Mr

Flannagan added: “It is becoming a lot more mainstream now and people

are realising it''s not a barbaric sport, it''s so highly regulated.

People can come along and see what it''s all about, and I think anyone

who does will want to come back again.“We are hoping to have four shows a year and we are already planning the second one.”Norwich

Lads'' amateur boxing club chairman Alan Weston said that he did not

think cage fighting would overtake boxing in terms of popularity in

Norfolk, but said he was pleased that new sports were being introduced

and wished Mr Flannagan the best of luck. Tickets for this

event are on sale now for £25, £50 and £100 for VIP, and can be bought

at www.bushidochallenge.com or at Mercy nightclub. Anyone wanting to advertise at the event or sponsor the show should email info@bushidochallenge.com for details.

What do you think about cage fighting coming to Norfolk? Write to

Evening News Letters at Prospect House, Rouen Road, Norwich, NR1 1RE.

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