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What a frustrating game!

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Grr... I apologise if some of this post is a bit over the top but I am still quite angry over today''s result.I find it hard to believe how we kept hoofing the ball as far as we could for 90minutes, when the majority of the crowd had already realised that this was a bad idea before the 10minute mark! Time and time again the ball just sailed into the keeper''s hands, or was gobbled up by clayton mcdonald or whoever he is.The most painful aspect of watching today''s game, though was the midfield''s defensive performance. Particularly the middle two, how can you just watch the opposing midfielder''s pump balls through you? How hard is it to learn that you have to close him down so he can''t do this! With 10minutes to go at 0-0, we''re just watching players with the ball pass it around - we can''t sit off them, we want this to happen to us not vice-versa.Grant Holt has been my favourite player for Norwich over the last few games, but today I just didn''t see him as usual. Don''t know what had happened but he wasn''t himself today, seemed like a lazy Berbatov player who just went for what was near him... not the Holt who made his name here not giving the centre backs two seconds on the ball.There was evidence in that game that we were capable of playing nice football, glimpses of us moving the ball around quickly for just a few moments and it got the crowd roaring... but the team just couldn''t keep doing it and resorted to hoofing.Yes we got a point, woohoo, but if you look at Charlton who we should be challenging, they''re a class way above us.If we played them today we''d have got a throbbing.

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