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Performance ratings

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harder to be so definite from a tv view as opposed to being there, but on what we saw we''d say:

Green 10 - looked top drawer in front of Sven too!

Edworthy 6 - struggled in the air a few times, but solid enough.

Drury 8 - much more accomplished, and a superb tackle to stop Kanoute

Fleming 8 - very solid (after first half hour) with some good blocks

Charlton 8 - ditto. These 2 need to talk to each other a bit more though it would appear.

Safri 7 - some good passes (Hucks through ball), and blocks but gave the ball away too much first half

Holt 6 - solid enough, but still looks as if a sideways pass is all he is capable of.

Francis 8 - another good performance from the norfolk Viera

Bentley 7 - some nice touches, but needs to get his head up and look round a bit more, and penetrative passing just off the mark too often

Doherty 7 - looked a little bit more like a defender playing up front today (but they do know him!) but put himself about well

Huckerby 8 - this would be 9 or 10 based on 2nd half. Should he have put one f them away though?


None had enough time to do anything to impress or really make an opinion, but I can''t even remember McVeigh touching the ball!!

Overall - First Half 6 (rode our luck) Second Half 8 (could have nicked it) and as a result overall 8 as I''d have happily taken a point beforehand. Team spirit great and heads will keep up now: and all before the season proper starts in October!!


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