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Lewie - Holt Our Saviour

Hoolahan - The most Frustrating player to be within Carrow road

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Hoolahan has so much potential to become a great player, he shows so much skill but yet he continues to hold onto the ball until the point that he can not control it.Blackpools player of he season quoted to single handedly getting Blackpool promoted, what has happened to him? Why can he perform so well but then drag down his performance with hold onto the ball for too long?I''m sure most of us this season were expecting him to be our player of the season and key player, can he turn his performance around and release these balls earlier than normal? Sure he can show a little skill skilling the odd player but please hoolahoop don''t go too far and end up losing the ball!Whether he stays with us this season is a mystery but I still want to keep him.

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I didn''t think he gave the ball away too much last night. Certainly wasn''t as bad as Whalley giving the ball away for the second goal.I''d like to see him played on the right hand side and allow him to drift into the middle onto his left foot for shooting or to play Semi in.Anyone else reckon Tudur Jones would make a decent centre back?

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His attitude reminds me of Keith O''Neill, clearly has the talent and more than happy to show glimpses of it when people are watching, I think he was definately in the shop window last night, and he knew it!

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From my post on the other Hoolahan thread.

Hoolahan is an enigma. He clearly has a first touch as good as any

Premiership player. He can sell a dummy as well a Peter Beardsley.

However his end product level is low and his mistakes often costly.He

refuses the easy pass far to often and he is often to slow at moving

the ball on when a quick pass is required. At least 50% of his pass

last night were high difficulty balls many of them played with the

outside of the boot. I lost count of how many of those fail to reach

there target and hit a Sunderland player on the shins only to set up a

counter attack. We must also remember he was by far the most fouled player on the pitch last night. An indication of ability in my view.He

is one of those players, a rare breed who may well be a better player

in the Premiership than the lower leagues. It easy to blame players and

lets not forget against Colchester he look like the only player who''d

ever kick a ball before for us.I have a feeling that it won''t

matter because he''ll be away through choice before the end of the

window, but if not by choice I think the manager may find he is a

luxury that we can''t afford both financially and on the pitch. His game

suits being surrounded by like mind intelligent players. Half the time

I don''t think our boys are on his wavelength. He is a talented

player of that I have no doubt but is he the right player for us now in

our current position. I think not. His transfer fee could be used to

obtain either a centre half or a desperately need right back or even

both. Either of which would probably benefit us more right now than


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