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Reality check

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The rumours and speculation over the last few days has demonstrated that many of us still don''t accept or appreciate the reality of our position.

We are a club with good facilities, a loyal fanbase and a fairly recent premiership history. But we are also in league 1, with limited money and a track record of instability and managerial sackings.

A few seasons ago we could reasonably expect a ''big-name'' manager to go for the City job. But not now. Nobody would risk their reputation by dropping down to the lower reaches of English football, unless the odds are stacked in your favour with huge investment i.e. Keegan at Fulham and now Sven at Notts County.

Imagine if Coppell or Strachan had actually come in and then failed to achieve promotion...suddenly you''re no longer a name that''s linked to premiership jobs but a manager that couldn''t cut it in the third tier.

And therein lies the reality....we are in the third tier and will only attract a manager from a similar level

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