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Welcome Mr Lambert

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I am very happy with this appointment. Martin O,Neill rates him highly and thinks he will go all the way to the top in management.

He isnt gonna turn us into League champions overnight but i am confident once he brings a few of his players in and give him a little time he will turn us into a good attacking footballing side.

The problem is nearly everyone was expecting a big name we have all heard of but we have to remember we are 3rd division team and some managers who have been around for a long time refuse to drop down to that level.

Paul Lambert is an upcoming young manager who is very ambitious and hungry for success. Managers all have to start somewhere and im confident he will get us fighting at the top end of the table by the end of the season. There is still 44 games left in the league so a long way to go yet.

Anyway welcome to Norwich City Mr Lambert. Im backing you all the way to turn this club around and get us winning matches again.

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