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Should The One To Be Worried be Ricky Martin?

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For starters remember what David McNally said on Monday to the effect that the new mananger could bring a small close team but not 12 people because there is a strong team already at Norwich (and presumably because of the cost of massive sackings!!)  

So, we have a manager and he will have his assistant in Ian Culverhouse.  That appears to leave no role for Butterworth nor is there any great case for keeping him after the last two matches.   His role includes defensive coaching so a specialist job there is possible but unlikely I feel.

The case for Crook staying as coach whether in the reserves or the first team is strong both in football terms and all the long term rumours about his recruitment.  No coach has left Colchester and why would Lambert recruit someone from elsewhere at this time?

Gary Karsa has an unexplained role but his Luton record is all about youth development.  Lambert puts a high premium on the right youth structures apparently and I suggest Karsa will run the Youth and Academy sides and deal with player development.   Which leaves the controversial Mr Martin in an interesting place.

For the first time in what 6 years, we have some some youth potential come through so I suggest that who and how the youth setup is run will be improtatnt over the next couple of years.

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