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Delias Tasty Nibblets

My feelings about last night...

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I travelled to the game, in the hope of seeing a reaction to the new manager being appointed, had a pint in the pub with a friend, and surrounded by friendly Brentford fans in a good atmosphere, all good so far. But thats where my enjoyment of the game ended. Firstly my player ratings...


Alnwick 6 - Nothing he could do about the goals, and one good save with his foot.

Spillane 6 - Committed with some good drives down the wing.

Askou 6 - Strong in the air, covered for Doc at times.

Doherty 4 - Often beaten in the air, with no obvious leadership. Compare to Dion.

Drury 4 - Faced by their tricky RW Saunders, had an up and down game.

Whaley 3- Successfully managed to cross the ball out of play most times.

Gill 1 - Possibly the most useless individual performance ive seen from a Norwich player.

Tudor-Jones 5 - Good presence, decent when he plays it simple, and got the lucky goal.

Hoolahan 5 - Tried to make things work, but couldn''t do anything with the ball 50ft in the air.

Holt 6 - Worked hard but missed chances to pull the trigger.

McDonald 5 - Worked hard, but missed the chances when he did pull the trigger!



Hughes, Martin 6 - Added quality, but came on way too late.

Otsemober 0 - Ive given up caring about this bloke, I refuse to recognise any contribution he makes to the club from now on. The epitomy of what is wrong with football these days.


I actually thought the match started well for us, for about an hour in the middle it was clueless, hoofed passes out of play, standing off tackles. By the end when we scored, I actually didnt even enjoy the goal.

It brought me back to thinking, Doherty or Malky? Gill or Holt? Alnwick or Green? Anyone or Dion/Hucks? What has happened to our great club over the last few years? It''s been steadily downhill, and although I think we''l still come strong this season and go for the top 6, I dont think I''l ever be able to forgive Delia for her guidance of the ship through this time. Fair enough, shes done good things for the club, but shes damaging that more and more, please step down! 

I had a ticket for the game monday, but for me its a 13 hour round trip from the South coast, so I''m sending it back and watching it on TV, Its got to the point now where my mates dont even take the piss because its like beating a dead rabbit with a stick, and although I love the club, and will follow every result as much as I can, I''ll only be making the trips when its convienient to me, whereas before I would get to games however I had to.

Sad times.

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Agree, our midfield our just non existent, there''s no-one in there who can pick up the ball and drive forward with it. Whaley never ever takes on his man and often drifts in, this guy makes Croft look like Ronaldo, Gill is absolutely awful, worse than Fozzy, passes sideways and backwards never makes a run forward and never puts a foot in. Tudor Jones i think has potential to be ok but goes missing for large periods of the game and Hoolahan although very good on the ball never get''s any support and is often crowded out with nobody to pass too. We need Hughes and Russell as our CM partnership and two new wingers, both who can take on the full back and whip in a decent cross, i''d then play Hoolahan just behind the front man.

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Whaley is a confidence player, when the team plays well as a whole he ups his game and starts to shine... sadly his team mates are showing no passion to succeed so he goes into his black hole on the pitch.

Gill is another one, Exeter fans said he had a good buy, by we must remember that was when Exeter were on a good run of form... Gill is another one who just disappears into a black hole when the team are on a dip of form.

IMO, these are the type of players we should avoid playing at the minute until we get a bit of momentum going.

McVeigh (see what he has to offer) and Hughes in, Gill and Whaley out

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