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Thoughts on the club these days..

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Just wanted to share a few thoughts and feelings about Norwich that i have. Great result today, hopefully it''s a sign of things to come!

I think a problem this club has these days (as well as poor managers and players) is that there is big expectation. And before i get any batterings of critism of being pessimistic, back when we won the Championship and gave it a good go in the prem was that there wasn''t much expectation and we kind of drifted up without being noticed. As a crowd i remember going to games where we were 2-0 down and our fans were still much louder, getting behind the team, that was a time i would be proud to be going to games, even if we weren''t doing great at the time.

However now there is way too much expectation from us fans (and i don''t pretend to be innocent of this) and this effects the way we support the team. Im not saying we should pretend not to think we should go up or anything like that, but nowadays asoon as we go 1-0 down people start booing the team straight away and not even giving our lads a chance to get back into it. It was far more effective back in the days when we''d let in a goal (obviously be very annoyed, we are human) but then the songs would still be coming out and you could see a reaction from the players. If we are passionate in a positive way, then the players will be too. I''m not saying it''s all our fault etc, because players should have passion for the game either way but i think this is a big change in the club i love.

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