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Indepth Player Ratings VS Wycombe

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Alnwick- 6

Distribution poor, made 2 or 3 errors ball going straight into touch. Very quiet game, first simple catch he had to make me made a real hash of it was lucky to get away without them putting a effort on goal, suggests poor concentration. One save made, which he held well. Two goals not really his fault. Poor defensive organization, I hate to say it, to I''d have rather Doc at centre half than a out of position Spillane. If only to organise defensively as Alnwick lacks that ability

Otsemobor- 6

Poor start to the match, made a few mistakes. Instead of shielding the ball out of play, kicked it out instead. Unnecessary, the goal got him some confidence and afterwards looked more assured, good fitness, got forward well, just balls into the box were poor. Well taken goal, if slightly flukely.

Askou- 5.5

Poor partnership with Spillane. Didn''t work, neither is particularly good at winning headers. Would much prefer Doc partnering Askou. Against a very poor striking partnership we never looked too assured at the back, against better combinations we''d really be struggling. Askou was having a off day, have seen much better from him. Not scared to attack and the ball can go forward instead of backward/Fotheringham sideways. Quality goal, but was unmarked. Attacked the ball well.

Spillane- 5.5

Played out of position, think was played to rile up Otsemobor and Doherty; their positions no longer being guaranteed. Centre midfield would be my choice, but due to huge number of players currently their, right mid or right back will be where he plays this season. Looks assured on the ball.

Drury- 6

Grew as the game wore on, lost the ball a few times early on due to bad positioning didn''t always no wether to follow the player or the ball. Lack of match practice is probably the cause of that, will soon get up to pace. Better build, been working in the gym, not slow either. Very happy to have him at left back, and if not we have the well rounded Lappin.

Lappin-7.5 MOM

Distribution of the ball was fantastic, if Hoolahan does leave then I''d have no qualms about having him a left mid. Should of had atleast one goal for the quality of his dead balls and the lofted shot from 30 yards out was nothing short of fantastic, only just tipped over by the opposition goal keeper. Linked well with Drury, when Drury surged forward was very capable of filling in. Looked just as good in the middle of the park.


Looked out of position in the middle of the park, specially when we have more accomplished centre midfielders available. Having said that, did no harm to his quickly improving reputation. Right back or right mid challenging Otsemobor/McV/Whaley would be my choice. Doesn''t mind a tackle, good ball playing, not so good going forward through the middle, can''t take players on. Therefore better on the wing, playing in a advanced position. Definitely cares though, put in his all, was shattered by the end.

Hughes- 6

Looked unfit and out of sorts, another one who can play a lot better. Will be lucky to keep his place Monday evening, was probably glad when he was hauled off, got a rousing round of applause. Undeserved but the crowd know he has much more to offer. Short passing was quality, anything over longer distance was poor. Smith did the tackling and the majority of the running. Made Hughes looked better than he was.

McVeigh- 6.5

He still has the touches, no longer does he have the pace. Had a clear cut scoring chance, but shanked the ball wide, and another chance which happened to be called offside he volleyed 15 yards over the bar. Linked well with Otsemobor another that isn''t at the top of his game. Unfit, don''t expect him to play many 90 minutes, will get a few, another option upfront if we don''t manage to sign another. Maric seems to be a forgotten man at the moment. Don''t expect him to do too much running, Smith was constantly doubling up on the right to cover for the slow to get back McVeigh.


Getting back to his best, should of had one. Good touches, linked very well with Holt and the midfield. Two more matches and he''ll be scoring freely again, just needs one goal to get him on his way. Typical Cureton, he cared, put effort in ran after everything. Impressive, specially after it looked like we might not see him in a Norwich shirt again.

Holt- 7.5

Very good game for the big fella, second goal very well taken. Great composure, waited for the keeper to make his move before jinking it over his diving legs. Looked to be a good header for his first, beating off two markers. Hard to judge from my view in the Barclay. Will score plenty for us this season, not slow for a big chap. Worked his socks off, Maric will be looking to displace him. Looking for a big/small combination upfront, specially considering how well the Holt McDonald/Cureton partnership worked out. Linked well with the midfield and a good captaincy. Spoke to the players well, gave clear instructions, probably a dressing room favourite. Should keep band on Monday, but will have a poor game against two good centre backs (My prediction don''t put money on him to score).


McDonald- 6

Still a long way to go, would rather have him as a sub and start Cureton week in week out. Not the finished product, composure isn''t quite there, did well to set up Holt for the 5th. Doesn''t pass well, gets the ball and runs. Poor first touch on occasions, second half appearances will build him up. Very quick, always chasing the ball down, a good foil for a slower Holt.


Quality again, should be starting Monday night. Gets stuck in, breaks up the play and then plays the ball out. Can run with the ball and plays it very well into wide positions. Gets past players and isn''t easily knocked off the ball. Early fore-runner for the players of the season award if he gets enough games, very popular with the fans.


As soon as he got the ball he was getting abuse from the fans. Unnecessary I hasten to add. Best footballer at the club without a shadow of a doubt. Can pass, cross and run with the ball. Will get a lot of assists with the right central midfielders. Would be one I''d like to hang onto, the poor attitude of the fans today will hasten his exit I''d imagine. Can''t see him still wearing a Norwich City shirt in a weeks time. Made two or three mistakes today, none serious. One bad cross, not his best game, mind probably else well. But if the fans boo him for no reason, what is to be expected.

Paul Lambert-

Very good start for the new boss, tactically spot on. Against a poor attacking partnership he started two ball playing centre backs instead of Doherty. Shrewd decision, if wasn''t for two defensive mistakes it''d have been more convincing. Trust me they were mistakes, we weren''t outplayed at all. Attacking he allowed the players to play the ball at the right pace and build up the play instead of counter attack. Likes the ball on the deck; well suited to this team. Good substitutions, will be looking to build on this performance Monday, should see 5/6 changes and a better peformance. Played like a team as well, everyone playing for each other, good mix shouldnt need to transfer in/out many/if any players.

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This is pathetic and I don''t know why I am even bothering to answer this. Your ratings are pathetic! Holt scores 2 and was very close to a hattrick and you score him 7.5?

I could say the same with K.Smith who impressed me a great deal(what the hell were you watching?)

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Just because you score 2, doesn''t mean you had a fantastic game. I thought Lappin was better than Holt was. K. Smith was good, but was out of position. I don''t know what you were watching, we beat a very very very poor Wycombe team, I don''t know why everyone is getting so excited about a win against a terrible team. It''s well known new managers usually win their first game, such as Gunn and he was terrible, or Roeder who had a great run of form went like 10+ games unbeaten. It''s only one game, we weren''t fantastic.

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A couple of things;

Didn''t Spillane play a large amount of games for both our youth and Luton alst year in centre of defence? If so, he should know what he is doing there and isn''t really out of position.

I thought Ostemobor crosses were good, the first half link up with McVeigh that Cureton should have got to, was superb. His problem was when he did get forwards (especially in 2nd half) McVeigh''s passing to him was poor and a times short passes when under pressure weren''t accurate enough and didn''t get rid of the ball.

I agree Hughes wasn''t fit enough, however, I feel you are over critical of him. He always seemed to be in space, looking to get the ball and help the rest of the midfield out, was happy to come back and get the ball as well as get in around the box. He will be very important this season, especially in Hoolahan leaves.

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It wasn''t a good performance, the team worked well together. But we played a terrible Wycombe team, that was for all to see. If people think that was our best peformance we will get no where near promotion. I only rated how I did because I believe this team/squad can step it up a huge amount.

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Just what we needed - 3 points. But So did Gunn with his first game and never have I seen such a poor proefessional side as Wycombe - they didnt roll over and die - they couldnt even be bother to roll. Truly appalling, no attacking intension and got what they deserved. My concern was that despite the lack of possession only the 5th goal was from open play, set pieces for the rest.

Had we played a better side we would have conceeded more as we were nervous and extremely poor (all bar drury had made an embarrassing but fortunately not costly mistake by 5 mins) at the back - fortunately they were worse. so so very much more for Lambert to do.

Alnwick 6 Did nothing wring andcame for crosses. V quiet day

Ots 5 PArt of a very poor back four, jittery, asleep but did offer going forward. Should not start again.

Berthel Askou 4 3 times he miss judged and unchallenged header and completely missed the ball and 3rd time cost their first goal. Poor positionally but good header for our crucial 4th goal

Spillane 5 Better than BA barrachus next to him, but positionally poor and part of a dozy central defence that conceeded 2 goals against the most impotent strike force we will see this season.

Drury 7 The one defender to play well, got forward defended well and improved as the game went on.

Zipper/WLY 6 So much class, we did not get the ball to him enough but his energy to close down set started the move for our 5th goal, closing down their midfield in the centre circle and winning the ball for adeyemi. SImple touches kept possession and played people in, its called passing and we have a city player who can do it!!!

Smith 6.5 Super strike, worked hard and deserved his goal. Given thepossession we had not convinced he did enough with tyhe ball - but off it v good.

Hughes 6 Prepared to try the pass. but like smith did we hurt them from open play??

Lappin 7 My MOTM. 4 free kicks - 2 goals assists, 2 keeper saves and a good lob tipped over. When not a set piece not as effective but this league seems to revolve around set pieces. Did ok in the middle too.

Cureton 5 Some good touches, but did not look like scoring or creating for anyone else

Holt 7 SHould have had a hat trick, but good opener settled nerves and v cool for 5th


Adeyemi 6 Looked solid in the middle

McDonald 7 Not good enough to start, but he is looking like a super sub, pace but also link up play, with a sublime lay off for the 5th goal. Def not good enough to start though.

Hoolahan 5 Needs to watch and learn from McVeigh and Lappin, did not deliver a pass to keep possession and ried to beat too many people.

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It was an OK performance, not agreat one - we have played better and lost by three - let alone won by 3.

Wycombe were so poor, and that made us look better - but it was not an excellent performance.

Crucially it was a winning performance and really gives us something to build on.

This really is not our back 4 though, and a better team will exploit it.

The team selection is a a shock tactic, I am in charge so get used to it. Those that react badly will be out, those that work hard will be picked. Mistakes and you are ok. Thats a good thing.

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Appreciated Zippersleftfoot, someone who agrees with my judgement to a extent. We played a terrible side, can anyone remember them attacking with any intent, you''re talking about Hoolahan not earning his wages.... look at their strikers. Only scored because of our terrible mistakes from lumps up field.

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