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Golbio79"Youll never out-fox the Fox..Ruel Fox"

Something fishy is going on in Delias kitchen I thinks.....

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I would love to be a fly on the wall at Carrow Road and see what really happens. I''m pretty shocked but not suprised about the decision to sack Gunny but they should of done it at the end of last season, Idiots!!

I think that Carrow Road is stuck weeks in the past where every decision made seems to be at the wrong time as always. Maybe Delia needs a new AGA. I know someone who has just moved into a former managers old house. When I visited I had to laugh as there was a Key with a tag that said "Delias House" When I asked what it meant and what it was for I got the reply.."Well the former occupier named the OLD BOILER HOUSE after her"

Pretty piontless post I know but I thought this bit of fact could be used in a Pub Quiz question or something.

Hey its Friday!!! I''m on the beers and a weekend of Football is upon us!


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