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Ok whats going on down at Carrow Road???

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Right yes Gunny was the wrong man for the job etc, but is it me or don''t things quite add up?

All these talks about rifts in former team Gunn may have some truth.

I mean dont get me wrong, yes he was a poor manager, but to sack him not directly after our 7-1 destruction thanks to the hands of Colchester and to actually sack him 3 days after a 4-0 win and just before a league game.....surely somethings going on that we aint being told!

We need to know what is going on behind the scenes!

It could just be the fact McNally was going to sack Gunn after Saturday but didnt have someone in line. But now he has someone then its all ok to sack him...

If this isnt the case, in my view, who would want to come and manage an UNSTABLE club.... unless our new manager is already in the club and yet again we go for another cheap option :(

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