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Outsiders for the job maybe?

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Just for a bit of a laugh last night i was sat thinking who would be good to get in as manager other than the obvious names being banded around. as such i came up with the below list all be it good or bad.

people tend to forget it is quiet fasionable these days for players to cut there managerial teath at this level i.e. Ince, Wise, Di Mateo so i dont think its too much to mention some of the following although i am not seriously thinking any of these will be in contention

1. Eric Cantona

:- Pros:- Media attention, it would be huge! good connections in high places, his side would play the game in the right way, alot of the 90''s Man Utd team are now in management and i am sure he would miss the banter

Cons:- No experiance at all as a manager, tempremental, doubt he could work with a small budget

2. Steve Bould

Pros:- Very good coach has brought through countless young talents at Arsenal. would be able to get good young players on loan no doubt.

Cons:- Again no managerial experiance, would be reluctant to leave a club he loves

3. Lee Clark

Pros:- Has been here before, our performance in the Championship dipped dramatically after he left. Showed good skill working at this level

Cons:- would cost money to get from Huddersfield and would he really want to come back?

4. Gianluca Vialli

Pros:- has managed in this couontry before also at a lower level with Watford again good media attention

Cons:- Although was good for Chelsea he never really hit it off at Watford. Has been out of the came for a while.

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My suggestions are: Aage Hareide (short term contract with a Swedish club, Orgryte I think?)Nigel Worthington (he got us from CL to Premier League...)

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