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Carefull words from DM

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First of all i''d like to thank DM for coming out and giving everyone an insight into the recruitemnt process, no doubt the clown would have not said anything and words of '' i couldnt possibly comment''

Interesting points from the interview

when questionned about a higher division pull ''if thats the route we wanted to go to'' - indicating that we could have appointed from championship but haven''t

the man has ''good ability, track record, energy, commitment, determination and a true winning mentality'' To me speaks of any of the rumoured managers

Not all football player or managers can handle the pressure of a big football club our man has those qualities and CRENDENTIALS - PAUL LAMBERT - captain at celtic and can handle big football club

We need a leader of men to take this football club forward

The big football club is the one for me which indicated it isnt Adkins or Tisdale

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