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SKY LATEST - Crack Mascot Squad prepare to strike against Delia

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SKYSPORTS news have this evening reported a conglomeration of dodgy looking mascots seen booking into the Carrow Road Hilton in preparation for the visit of the mighty Wycombe. Or are they?

They quote a local man whose cousin cleans paul mcveigh''s windows as having seen a 6 foot tall Canary hiring a top hat and tails from Moss Bros earlier in the day.

Known accomplices, respectively disguised as a golf-ball shaped dumpling, a money-lending cat and an insurance selling primate were later seen loitering in the hotel bar arguing about where best to insert the Canary''s palonium tipped cane. A taxi was seen entering the city from the russian quarter of Thetford so this bit must be true.

A geriatric clown and a mad woman with a pram intend causing a goalmouth diversion with comedy balloons whilst under-aged girls will block out the crowds view with puppyfat and pom pom moves in the centre circle.

A marching steel band are on standby to generate a pre-match carnival atmosphere whilst a flagon of cooking sherry prepares to go over the top for the sake of the snakepit to ensure a smooth directors box strike on the unsuspecting former tv chef.

Anything is posible this season so perhaps this could be the one story they get right.

Can anyone add any further credence to this ?




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