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Shell Shocked !

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For various reasons I couldn''t go today, many will say lucky old me, but boy do I feel sorry for all you supporters who did.

For once I am lost for words, our worst home defeat in history !

I have always been anti-Gunny for the job but like alot of supporters I was prepared to give him time due to his transfer activity in the summer, but it seems he may have bought some real duffers.

Nelson looks slow, Gill isn''t upto it, Whalley was poor and the keeper well ....is he part of a TV reality show were people pretend to be something they are not ? Just some of the comments passed on to me.

Here is what I think should happen.

1) Gunny should resign with immediate effect. ( He just didn''t get how serious today is, he did his usual waffle on Radio Norfolk but said the Stewards "did a fine job" F... the stewards its the players who need to do a "fine job" ) 

He obviously failed to motivate Roeder''s players (Charlton A) and now the ones he has bought. To lose by today margin is unacceptable.

2) I understand from sources "within" that a very substansial (£30-£40 million) offer to buy the club was turned down by Delia because she wanted to remain in charge & the purchaser wouldn''t let her. She should accept this offer.

3) As we seem to be stuck with the players we have, give the job till Xmas to Ian Butterworth.

4) Appoint a Peter Wolsey  or a Gus George to the Board so the fans can see what is going on.

5) Do something to stop this club free falling into another division....please, or my spoof contribution of  a few weeks back  could come true.

What the club choose to do is another thing but Chase-like demonstations  are only just around the corner.



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