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Graham Tweed


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I would not normally join or write this openly but in honesty I feel sorry for the fans today. I was at a cricket game with my wife when two very disgruntled season ticket holders returned and gave me the sorry news even though I had heard snippets throughout the afternoon.

I have always said that Gunn was not the man and that in the summer the board should have been looking at a D2 or D3 manager who just missed out on the play offs or promotion with a basic squad of players and little money but would have relished the chance to come to what is a great ground and also take a step up.

I am not so defeatest to say the writing is on the wall but today basically wipes the blackboard clean and it is basically back to square one.

Hopefully the next few games will show something slightly better but i am 100% certain with my very limited football knowledge that a new, hungry and skillful manager who can make basic player punch above their weight is needed.

My views on outside funding from other ground uses remain the same but in honesty today I feel very sorry for the 20,000 season ticket holders.

I am not adversed or offended by supporters ribbing but please try and answer with some substance.

Good luck for next week and hopefully Brian Gunn was right when he said he can resolve it.

I am slightly concerned in his interview that he stated he was proud of the security who took two supporters from the field.

Can''t win medals for having good security.

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