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Matt Morriss

7-1 proves we werent ready

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I have now calmed down after yesterday and am in a state of utter disbelief and dissapointment.

What does 7-1 tell us?

1. That Theokolitosser is way out of his depth and simply not good enough.

2. That Nelson was let go by Hartlepool for a reason, he''s rubbish.

And the main point 3. Gunn has not prepared the team at all and needs to go now.

Yesterday''s performance was an utter disgrace and was worse than

Charlton. Gunn has now been in charge of the 2 worst performances i

have ever seen, and theyve been our last 2 games. The fact that we were

totally dismantled in such easy fashion proves that Gunn simply hasnt

performed well enough in his preparations of the team. He has not done

what is necessary to start a league campaign. More than likely because

he has no experience and doesnt know what needs to be done.

The players werent motivated, and mistakes were made on team selection.

With Lisbie up front we needed pace in the defence. Nelson and Doc are

slow as @*@* and so it proved.

The goalkeeper selection was a total disaster. Being a keeper you would

think Gunn would spot a good un. Theo was a shambles. Having seen the

goals his positioning was appalling. The free kick he was stood by his

post and his ''dive'' and attempt to save was a joke, he looked like a

schoolboy would been thrown in at the deep in and was way in over his


The semmy back pass was laughable, he just flapped at it. And he was at

fault for 4 of the goals. The first 4 that went in, so game over cheers


Gunn has to go now, this is simple irrepairable.

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