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A good omen.

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When we (The Wednesday) were down in L1, we spent the first season avoiding relegation to L2 and then completely rehashing the team the following summer.

All things said, we went into the second season thinking we''d do well and be on of the faves to go up and we played Colchester at home on the first game; they thrashed us 3-0 in front of a stunned Hillsborough 25k crowd. It was the last time they''ve won away on the opening game of the season; we went on to a) sack the useless manager(an ex-Wednesday goalkeeper) a while later and then b) go on to get promoted via the play-offs with our new manager.

Ok, 3-0 is nowhere near as bad as 7-1 but the same lesson was learnt; you have to scrape for every point against teams used to doing scraping to survive.

We became better fans for spending a few years in L1, the fun of football returned after years being also-rans in the Division 1(now the CCC) and we re-discovered old proper English grounds and had lots of fun and banter with the oppos, eventually waving two fingers at them on our way out of there having a much greater respect for the game as a whole.

Anyway, good luck. The smart money still says you''ll be in the play-offs regardless of what happened yesterday as other Clubs simply don''t have the means to fully compete against a team drawing 25k+ every other week. Some survive on 3k gates, that''s impressive and admirable, but won''t pay for owt when the time is needed.

PS - Grant Holt used to be an Owl too; a tryer and a grafter but L1 was a division too far for him.

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