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my thoughts..................for what their worth

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i was there yesterday and a couple of things struck me about the side.

Firstly Gunn clearly gave Wes a free role. He roamed everywhere and was undoubetdly our best player (not tough). The thing with free roles is that you need to compensate elsewhere by, for example playing three narrow solid midfielders behind him. Gunn played Gill and TJ and then Whaley as an out and out right winger leaving the 2 in the middle totally exposed. I thought they did both play like a sack of crap but even so, they had far too much to contend with in their.

Secondly its the defence. I cant believe Nelson has forged an entire career at centre half. we''ve basically got the 2 slowest centre halves i''ve ever seen and they don''t seem to cover each other. surely if one goes for a header the other has to cover in behind to clear up any danger. Every time i saw the doc go up for a header whihc he invariably lost Nelson was behind their centre forward who could believe his luck as he ran through into a nice big whole 12 yards out. The pair of them were so square its impossible to explain. I can''t believe these two will ever forge a good partnership they are simply too similar.

Otsemobor is a total joke. He is the laziest uncomitted player i''ve ever seen. he seems to wander around the pitch acting like the game owes him something. he showed absolutely no desire and in my opinion the first goal was totally down to him with that riduclous and lazy pass back which started the rot. The keeper was shit but i''m not gonna go into that coz he was clearly just not good enough.

Martin was rubbish and showed a lack of desire only a loan player should show, Holt didn''t really impress but i''ll cut him some slack because he had little to no service.

Hoolahan was without doubt our best player. he''s the one player most touted for a move out of the club but he showed more desire and ability than everyone of the others. Surely he''ll be on his way now???

Basically Keeper was crap

Otsemobor was toss and lazy and just doesn''t care

Centre backs were too square and too slow and are too similar to play together

Centre mids were exposed and weak. For a big fella TJ is a big nancy. Gill was out of his depth - clearly.

Whaley is a poor (very poor) mans steve stone. get it and run straight or lob it to nobody in the corner.

I do genuinely believe that the squad may be good enought o do ok but i think we are led by very much the wrond man. His tactics with Hooly having his free role show his complete tactical ineptitude. He has no idea. The teams we play this year will be organised if nothing else and by exposing the midfield like he did and doing NOTHING about it says it all.

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We''re stuck with these players now.  If they''re not much good it''s no great surprise, pay peanuts and all that.

The big question is: could the right manager make a silk purse out of a sows ear - or at least get them performing well enough to make a fist of it in this league?

Promotion already looks out of the question to me, no matter who the manager is.  But unless there''s a change pdq we could go straight through this division if we''re not careful.  It''s happened before and it could happen to us.  Four clubs get relegated don''t forget.


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