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Hoolahan? Youlahan!

Question on the art of goalkeeping....

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Imagine this scenario.

Simon Whaley has the ball on the edge of the opposition penalty area. Grant Holt is just inside the area being marked by the opposition centre back. Wes Hoolahan is running in from the left wing, left unmarked by the opposition right back.

The scenario plays out:

Whaley runs into the area, the central defender leaves Holt unmarked and attempts to make a challenge on Whaley, the keeper comes out and attempts to smother the ball, before he does, Whaley knocks the ball to the unmarked Holt who fires into an empty net. Wes remains unmarked throughout the scenario.


So, who is at fault?

A- The goalkeeper for leaving his line to attempt to smother the ball when a striker had been left unmarked with an open goal?

B- The central defender for leaving his man unmarked in the first place?

C- Or is the goalkeeper at fault as well for not staying on his line and leaving his goal gaping when the central defender had left a striker unmarked, giving him no realistic chance of saving the shot?


Answer please. I''m not divulging when this scenario took place in case of bias. Cheers. HY

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