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San Siro 1993 to Somerset 2009

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Nightmare in NorfolkFrom San Siro 1993 to Somerset   2009Supporters have to be a tractor short of a farm to make that trip to Yeovil nowAshley Gray Sports Writer Daisy Male....Guess this is an occasion that one has to take it on the chin and join in this international ridicule because this lamentable Carrow Road scenario, is simply defenceless.Lets get a 1-1 draw from a tough game on Tuesday and all will be forgiven. eg: (I was pleased with the way that the boys dug out a result here tonight and this showed their resolute character .......etc etc).So what sort of performance from the following few games will make you feel satisfied - or can the shame and humiliation ever be eradicated ?P.S Seriously now  I still have hope because without it there is only despair and an emptiness which following other teams cannot fill - and there; they have you where they want you- Raucus support on a tight budget.

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