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Here We Go Again

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One or to players coming out and saying the same old thing as last year,This has got to stop it is a one off.Perhaps they cannot count,How many one off,s did we have last year?.I know its the first game of the season,and you know they will be saying the same thing again.I am lucky enough to live in Norwich? what about the supporters who travel hundreds of miles to see Norwich to see that crap time and time again,this club dont give a toss.I suppose the next thing we will here is the players are trying to gel together not a bad idea i think,they can gel and stick together in front of the goal to help that pratt of a goalkeeper we have got.Gunn is not the man for the job wait till we lose a few more games we wil not have 25,000 people at carrow rd,this club deserves better,even Delia said the fans deserve better,perhaps she keeps playing the same record.I admire the two fans who got onto the pitch to confront the idiot of a manager perhaps the 25,000 of us should have done the same the old bill and the football club cant ban us all,yes they might do and the club would have nobody just what they deserve. COME ON DELIA,GUNN,AND YOU MUPPETS OF A BOARD -ISS OFF

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