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Last weekend

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Having thought about Saturday, in a bizarre kind of way I''d rather that we were thumped rather than losing 2-1.  A narrow defeat would have led to ''We were unlucky'' or ''we may have lost but we had great work ethic'' types of comment.  7-1 and theres no excuses

I do think that this performance - and scoreline - were freak (we''ve been appallingly bad before but not this bad) and that one defeat doesnt spell the end of all things Norwich - just as winning 7-1 wouldnt have meant that we were going to finish the season on 138 points.  I think there was complacency all round - we always thrash Colchester at Carrow Road, its the perfect way to start with 3 points...and that influenced the team.  This was never going to be an easy game - for Colchester its a local derby, they were fired up for it, were given some easy goals

It was a hot humid day (and we always play crap when the weathers like that) we give away 2 stupid goals and the team gave up.  Should Gunn have made subs?  Probably but the time to do it was after 15 mins.  By 30 minutes the game was over and there was no point.  However if he''d have made the subs at 15 mins and we lost 7-1 he''d have been slated for panicking.  Im glad that my managing of NCFC is done on the Playstation....

The key issue is that this result is remembered right throughout not only this season but next and the one after.  Even if we get 2 straight promotions (still mathematically possible) and we''re facing Chelsea on the 1st day of the new season this result needs waving under peoples noses to ensure that it NEVER happens again. 


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