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[quote]this is sort of in connection with my Svensson thread. but does anyone think Jonson should be played up front instead of Doc?[/quote]

well would like to see him play quite honestly to see what he is made of - while i don''t doubt the doc has his attributes, they are not best used upfront

jonson was brought to the club as an attacking player, so why is nige persisting with this negativity?  He seems to have fallen back into it again....

yes, play jonson, and come to that leon - nige has to get over his obsession with playing holt in every game or we are going nowhere fast, the diamond formation is for one thing and one thing only to accommodate a favoured player

see i have said it and i feel bad, but after witnessing the ruthless streak and seeing worthy get rid of malky, he can do it again, revert us back to a 442 (as much as i would like to see 433, it won''t happen this year) and yes, i for one would like to see jonson play

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