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my thought sent .. sorry for poor spelling ..!!!

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hi i have been a norwich fan for most of my life , my grandfather watched norwich play at the nest .i was born here and have been to many games in my life like the play off final against birmingham and the great win against ipswich in the milk cup semi final . i walked the streets of norwich when norwich went up and won the championship and it was a great feeling to watch so many happy fans in the place that is home be so happy .i have friends past who have played for norwich one was a star another due to injury retired from the game .i have not been to many of the pre-season friendly games yet i admit i was pleased with the signings norwich had made with the results that followed i had alot of confidence in team . everything seemed to be going well beating a premiership team and a championship team away from home . to be honest what i saw today was nothing short of being in a nightmare ... i have not seen norwich play for a few games and i have been out of work for 7 months and recently got a job so i thought i would treat myself and even placed a bet on norwich winning 3-0 !!! .i watched the game unfold and norwich looked fairly sharp for 3 minutes .. then it went downhill badly i have never seen such a poor quality keeper in my life he looked so nervy if someone would have jumped out at him and went boo... he would have droped the ball he was out of his depth so much he drowned in a few minutes .. one thing gunn had forgot hes not used to big crowds .

i rate gunn as a manager but something serious is missing here , i firmly believe the players felt overwelmed by the crowd and went to pot .

i left the game at half time and felt our keeper was a joke and felt very let down , it was a situation where you felt the norwich team and been paid to make the fans look silly .

i would say that is the worst display of football i have ever seen and i feel for gunn dearly.

the players we have need to sit down and think of what has just happened and with some form of luck learn something from this .

delia needs to cut her ties with the love affair with norwich city and fresh investment is requied for this club to push forward but she wont budge ... i feel for the paying fans who watched today .. it was a horror show .

i feel deeply upset with a team that showed so much promise .. what went wrong..???

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