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no excuses please

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NO Excuse!!!

At Liverpool.!! Our first half display was abysmal, the second half poor, DD said on another thread that the passing in a previous match was spot-on and we did not give the ball away. This was a cup game against 2nd division opposition, and hardly unexpected. Then we were not that convincing, only to win 1-0. Never mind that other premier sides did badly against lower division opposition. Norwich is the team we care about, and it needs to perform in both halves of the games in the future against any class of opposition. It can only happen if we move as a team and unclog our 18yard area and get a grip of the mid-field. Never mind what we call the formation. WE will be successful if we move as a team, and get into the opposition 18yard area in worthwhile numbers. In doing this we can gain a strike force with varied scoring opportunities, and may I say not by someone holding the ball up and waiting for the rest to leisurely arrive. When the whole team moves forward and back together, this is not necessary; watch Arsenal and all the top teams, Liverpool included. Goals should come from any areas but only if we shoot. Hucks can not be expected to do the job on his own, any way this 1 pronged attack is pretty predictable and is easily nullified as we have learned to our sorrow in the prem. I am not satisfied that we are as fit as is reported, we are certainly not sharp enough. We need an extra two hours sharpening up training every day until we pass with the accuracy and sharpness needed for Premiership football. I could continue with the rant but instead would put tentatively forward this line-up in the pattern that follows, for your remarks.


Edworthy, Drury,


Safri, Charlton, Brennan

Huckerby ,Francis or (Mc Veigh)

Jonson or( Svensson) Mckenzie

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