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Nigel Worthington's transfer budget for the season has been spent

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Did Delia look to see what she had as loose change in her purse when deciding the transfer budget for this season ?

Is this a ploy to get extra cash in from the fans or just softening us up for the sale of Green in January for "footballing reasons".

250 Charlton , Doherty 750 , Safri 500, Jonson 750 , Ward 250 , Gallagher 400.

That comes to Just over 2 Mill hardly Premiership spending.

So lets look at the team


Worthy has done a great job taken a solid 1st Div defence and made it even stronger, I think Charlton may well be on his way to being player of the season.

My Choice: Green Edworthy (Helveg) Charlton Fleming Drury


A shambles really the bright points are Safri and Francis. Hopefully they will get the chance to play together at some point in the centre of midfield when worthy has bored us all to tears with his diamond (I tried to post a rant after the game last week and thankfully it wouldn''t work, It was without doubt one of the dullest games I have sat through at carrow rd for 30 years)

Holt needs a rest , he has been poor in every game so far this season but worthy keeps persisting for some reason (if you must play the diamond why not play Helveg at the back and Safri further forward) Bentley has talent but is far from the finished article and I''m not sure we can afford to watch him make his mistakes with us this season to make him a better player next season.

Mcveigh and Jonson are when they play not getting enough crosses into the box (although it doesn''t matter too much as we rarely have anyone in there anyhow) I would like to see Jonson given 90 minutes again (I thought Tuesday would have been an ideal time, must watch my blood pressure thinking about that game and team selection)

Huckerby as I am getting fed up saying is not a centreforward and he has always played better in a more withdrawn role for us ( If we play him "upfront" we will never have a goalscorer in the box)

My Choice: Jonson (Mcveigh) Francis Safri Huckerby.

Up Front

To say we are toothless is an understatement we have a good supporting cast but nobody to put the ball in the net regularly. Svennson in my opinion was probably not good enough for the first division, Doherty is the new Rob Newman, gives all he has got but with nobody close to feed with knockdowns is very isolated and isn''t a natural goalscorer. Huckerby again is not a natural goalscorer we were promoted with a mixture of his scoring and creation without the other players in front of him to provide for he is particularly infective ( he is always out wide so why not play him there)

To be fair its a mess, we don''t have a first choice strike force let alone back up and it is the one area you cant get people on the cheap as we found in the last 2 summers.

Perhaps Mcveigh , McKenzie, Jarvis , Jonson or Henderson could do the job but we have to give someone the chance, and we also have to look at finding a centreforward who can hold the ball up and bring others into the game as well as scoring at least a dozen goals a season if we are to stay up.

My Choice: Doherty Mcveigh

Bench: Ward , Helveg, Henderson, Brennan, Jarvis

I am a shareholder in the club (although I donated money last year via the trust rather than buying more) and find it very sad that we are unable to fund a Premier League team. I am not convinced I would rather watch us scrape 0-0 draws in this league which would ultimately prove futile as they would not be enough to keep here than watch the sort of football we played last year.

I hope something cheers me up because football is making me miserable.

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i pretty much agree with just about everything you''ve said here well done.

   My biggest gripe this season is that no matter who we play, what the score is, which formation, the team is built around 1 player Gary Holt. He will not take him off. WHY?

   How is it that this average workhorse who can''t pass, tackle hold the ball or shoot have played every minute in the premiership so far.

   I can''t get my head around it.  i have found that since the early part of last season, when everyone was raving about how good he was i have taken to watching him throughout every game, like player cam on sky and it is getting me down he is useless trust me i should know after seeing what he actually does during a game. It''s quite incredible how he convinces nige that he''s the main man in midfield Oh jesus.

   This is his game;

He runs up the pitch, marks an open space but with a man between him and the ball so he can''t be passed to.

Then he runs down the pitch doing the same occasionally if the other team are about to cross he might throw himself in front of the ball blocking the cross. This is the most useful part of his game and as far as i can work out the only reason why he''s on the pitch (also to spoil my game i think).

If we had a better line up in midfield we would hold the ball better, create more chances and have less defending to do as a result so Holt occasional blocks wouldn''t be needed so often

So come on worthy drop him and play a much stronger midfield please, mine would be, depending on whether you play hux up front or not;

Englands no1

eddie flem charlton drury

bentley francis saffri hux

 mackenzie doc

bench; ward helveg mcviegh jonson svenson

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Some wise words from Keelans Glove.

I wonder how all those people who were saying that we were going to walk the Premiership are feeling now?   It is now time to face the harsh reality that we are going to struggle for points this season and that life is not going to be as rosy as all those posters thought when we were promoted.

What do people really expect with team that we have got?   We don''t have any penetration up front - poor Huckerby can''t be expected to do everythin can he?   The midfield is, as Keelan says, a complete mess - I only saw the selected highlights this morning but we did look a shambles - the defence is probably the only high point of the season so far - as is Green.   But hey, I think in all likelihood that Green will be going, if he doesn''t go in the transfer window, you can bet your bottom dollar he''ll go in the close season (especially if we go down) and who can blame him?

We need to sort out the team - it''s no good Worthington bleating on about the "harsh realities of life in the Premiership" - didn''t anyone tell him that this was what it would be like next season?

I''m getting a bit fed up of us being so negative and blaming the quality of the opposition for defeats when it is quite plain to see that we are struggling as a team to either string 2 passes together or mark the opposition properly.

Get it sorted!!!!

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Agree with everything there fella!! I also have said tht Hucks is not a centre forward and needs the freedom to run about in the midfield!!


As far as Mcviegh upfront..... I dont think this would be a good idea because he is very small easy to knock off the ball and has very little pace!! I feel either Bentley or Mckenzie with Doherty would be a better combination!!



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Let''s not get too harsh, and remember that yesterday we played a Champions League club, who have strengthened in the summer. Xavi Alonso looks like he''ll be one of the players if the season - the man''s vision and ability are fantastic. Also, just to put this in perspective, Liverpool spent £13 million on a striker in the summer. If you sold the entire Norwich squad I think you''d struggle to raise anything close to that!! Liverpool, like Man Utd, Arsenal, Spurs, Newcastle, and Villa, are in a totally different league. I doubt anyone on this board expected us to get any more points from these games than we did.

However, Worthington said after the game that we''d learn from this, and I trust him to keep to this. Yesterday, the gap between midfield and defence was too big and Alonso and Garcia used it with glee. I thought Safri was supposed to sit in front of the defence? That gap has to be tighter - it was at Spurs and the formation worked well. Also, we need to be more adventurous against Portsmouth - a 4-4-2 would be sensible, if not giving Hucks a free role behind two strikers would cause problems. I''d like to see Jonson and Helveg involved somewhere. A tall, pacey player who has scored at international level would surely be an improvement on the Doc. Also, Helveg''s experience and class are surely too great for a club of this size to ignore. Play him down the wing if you don''t want to drop Edworthy, his experience as a wing back would give us stability down the right but also someone who can get forward and supply the strikers.

Now, for me, isn''t the time to get too harsh on the team. However, if the performance doesn''t improve next week and we don''t take points, whilst still not looking likely ever to score, then questioned need to be asked.

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