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i hope he does canaries4ever, as well as other absentees.  I am getting fed up with seeing all these players sitting on the sidelines, not given a chance. Genuine injuries, okay, not getting in the team because worthy wants to accommodate a favourite player (and adapt our formation because of it) has to be stopped

I would like to see Damo/Safri in the middle (442) for at least 3 consecutive games, also would like to see Jonson and Helveg, even Svennson!  How do we know how good/bad these players are if they don''t play for more than 10 minutes of a game, bringing on Leon at 75 minutes is not good enough - he needs a couple of 90 minutes, assess him then decide.  We are playing a defensive formation (we don''t yet know it will be scrapped for good) and playing a centre half upfront.  No wonder we got nothing but a trashing at Anfield. 

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